About Us

Your Mobile Physio is a Sydney based mobile physiotherapy company which is currently servicing the suburbs of West and South Western Sydney. We are able to reach you wherever you are be it your home, apartment, workplace, nursing home, sporting club, on the field or fitness centre.

Your Mobile Physio provides a one-on-one physiotherapy service tailored to meet your needs at a location and time convenient to you. Our therapists differ from the rest by listening to your problem (or problems), diagnosing your injury and then treating you with a ‘hands-on’ approach rather than ‘throwing on a hot pack and a machine’. Helping people get better to get on with their daily life pain free is our aim. We assess our clients, explain in clear English what your problem is (no Dr mumbo jumbo), tell you how many treatments you may need to improve and give you the right advice about posture, stretches and exercise so that you can self manage your problem. We will NOT tell you to come back three times a week for three months.

Why Mobile Physiotherapy?

Your Mobile Physiotherapy was born in 2011 after founder and physiotherapist John Warda realised that most people in his life including family, friends and patients were all battling time. Everyone was rushing to get from one place to the next, pack the kids in the car and drive to the shops, get them out, get them back in, make dinner and the list goes on and on. Due to this lack of time, many people would have an injury and suffer in pain for periods of time at end and do nothing to fix it. Most people would say “My back has been sore for nearly two months now but I just don’t have the time to see someone”. The idea sprung that if the physio were to come to you, you would have no reason to not heal yourself and live pain free. Your Mobile Physio has now helped hundred’s of patients get back to work, rehabilitate themselves following surgery, heal injuries which stopped them playing sport and made many niggling pains disappear.

Your Mobile Physio services the following areas:

West and South Western Suburbs of Sydney

We also travel to Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs for corporate and workplace physiotherapy. Please contact us for more information.

If your suburb is not listed, please contact us 0405 32 55 11 and we can try and arrange one of our staff to come see you at your location.