Be your own doctor: Self First Aid

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When an injury occurs there is one basic rule your should always follow: RICE


By following the RICE principles you will minimise excessive inflammation, swelling and further damage to your soft tissue injury allowing your body to heal itself much quicker than if you did nothing at all.

Follow these instructions for the first 48 hours and you will be back on your feet in no time:

REST: Try not to move or at least rest the injured part of your body so no further damage can occur. Stop playing sport or work immediately. This will prevent further tearing, bleeding and bruising.
ICE: Apply ice to the injured are for 10 – 15 minutes every hour. This will cool the area and restrict blood flow to the area to decrease excess swelling. Wrap the ice pack (even a pack of frozen peas works well) in a damp cloth and put it on your body. Ice should NEVER be in direct contact with your skin
COMPRESSION: Will help reduce bleeding and associated swelling. Wrap a bandage firmly around your injury. It should not be too tight or causing more pain.
ELEVATE: Try and elevate the injured body part so that blood flows away from it. For example, if you have injured your ankle, lay down and rest you ankle on a few pillows so the blood won’t be able to pool in your ankle.

You must also follow the NO HARM rule for the first 48 hours:

No Heat
No Alcohol
No Running (Activity)
No Massage

These factors all increase heat in the body which in turn will increase blood flow which will cause further swelling and microscopic tears in the initial injury phase.
When an injury occurs apply the RICE and NO HARM rules. Call me on 0405 32 55 11, let me know what happened and I will determine the seriousness of the situation and will determine whether you need to be assessed and treated.

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