“As a mum with two kids mobile physio is so convenient for me. I organise an appointment when my one year old is asleep, my five year old watches a movie and I receive my much needed treatment.” Gina, 27

” Last week I woke up with my neck stuck sideways. I could barely get out of bed. In two sessions my neck was back to normal. Thanks so much” Nicola, 33

“I have been living with back pain for over five years following a lumbar fusion surgery that didn’t go too well. I had seen physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, doctors, surgeons you name it. I had an assessment and John discussed that hands on physio would not help me too much in my case and then went on to set me up with a stretching and core strength exercise program. I have my days when my back plays up but overall he has taught me how to manage and survive without living in pain and suffering everyday” Terry, 48

“I have had problems with my back, hips and knee and John is very thorough in his work. In only a few treatment which include deep massage and needling (my favourite & very effective treatment) John has relieved the tension that has restricted me. As a yoga teacher, I need to remain supple to be able to do my job but whenever I have any aliments John is there to the rescue. I would highly recommend John to anyone.”  Vivienne, 35

“After working in an office for a couple of years I started to suffering from a sore neck, shoulders and a pounding headache everyday without fail. I spoke with John and arranged for him to come see me at my work. I only wish I had called him earlier on, he explained what was wrong and what he was going to do to fix it. After five visits my headaches disappeared, he even used acupuncture which I had never tried and taught me how to manage with some easy stretches. He also watched me work and found that I had a bad posture at my computer which was causing the headaches to occur. Thanks again”Jessica, 34

“Johnny you are a legend mate I have been in construction for over 30 years and have had tonnes of knocks and falls onto the shoulders. The doctor said surgery was my only option and I have to find an easier job after the operation well I skipped surgery and am back at work cheers”Steve, 52

“I was referred to see John after my Doctor found that I had osteoporosis. John taught me that exercise will put more pressure on the bone and make it stronger. Unfortunately I also suffer from arthritis in both knees and am a little unstable on my feet at times. So he treated my knees first and gave me some simple exercises so make them stronger and more flexible. We started exercises in my local pool once a week and that made me feel so much better. Following a month of pool exercise we began some strengthening exercise at my home. With all that and some extra calcium and vitamin D tablets, the doctor says I show no signs of osteoporosis. I know play bowls and am more active than I was 10 years ago. Many Thanks”Betty, 66

“I sprained my ankle playing basketball at the beginning of last season and since then I have sprained it 3 more times. I lost all confidence in my ankle and so I saw John at the beginning of this season. I loved the fact he would come to my house after I finished work and bring all his equipment with him. After his assessment he gave me the right training program to strengthen my ankle and he also found I had flat feet. So he fitted my shoes with custom orthotics. So far this season I have had no sprains and he is now seeing two of the other boys on my team”Aaron, 24