Corporate Physiotherapy

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Your Mobile Physio is pleased to offer a range of physiotherapy solutions for the corporate and industrial sectors. Our qualified physiotherapists are able to treat your staff in your workplace at convenient time for the employer and employee. We can perform all services as you would normally receive in a clinic, we just need a small space to set up some of our equipment. We aim at getting each employee back to their optimum health in the shortest possible time, which will ultimately lead to increased productivity and performance.

Having Your Mobile Physio at your workplace offers some advantages over the traditional visit to your local physiotherapy clinic:

  • Our physio’s come to your workplace, so this means your staff don’t need to travel to a clinic, saving time and valuable staff hours
  • Our experienced physio’s are able to assess employee work stations and practices, and can advise of any improvements needed to create a more ergonomic work space and safe work practices to ensure staff don’t continue to get injured
  • Your Mobile Physio can work around your employee’s schedule and fit in a time that is convenient for you, rather then have to work into the schedule of a busy physiotherapy clinic

Your mobile physio has a range of packages available please call or email us directly for a customised quote.

What are the advantages of having an on-site physiotherapist?

þ Convenient access to professional physiotherapy treatments

þ Save time travelling to and from off-site therapist

þ On-site payment and instant health rebates

þ Simple online booking system

þ Reduction in lost time due to injury and worker’s compensation cost

þ Happy staff, increased morale, improved productivity

þ Early intervention means reduction in duration of injury

þ Possible reduction in sick days taken and absenteeism

Who can benefit from on-site physiotherapy?

þ Companies who enjoy promoting a healthy workplace

þ Companies who understand a happy pain free worker is more effective than one stuck in pain and stress

þ Busy corporate workers who work long hours behind a computer

þ Employees whose work includes repetitive tasks

How does on-site physiotherapy work?

þ Your Mobile Physiotherapist attends your workplace and sets up treatment table in small office or private area

þ Injured worker attends session after booking online and is assessed and treated with hands on physiotherapy

þ Physio gives education on injury, causes, how to prevent and home exercises of stretches and strengthening to worker

þ Develop goals and plans to return to work on full or modified duties where necessary with direct communication to OH&S officer

Common injuries in the corporate workplace we treat:

þ Headaches

þ Neck Pain

þ Shoulder Pain

þ Radiating Arm Pain

þ Elbow and Wrist Joint Pain

þ Mid back tension and tightness

þ Lower Back Pain

þ Hip Pain

þ Knee Injuries

þ Ankle and Foot Sprains and Pains

A variety of payment options are available including employee to pay full amount, employer and employee both contribute or therapy totally covered by employer. All our physiotherapists are registered with the national board, have professional and indemnity insurance, have cleared a criminal record check and thus entitle clients to receive instant health fund rebates if they are privately covered. We are also able to complete workers compensation and motor accident authority claims.